Boston College 2016: B.A. Psychology, Physics Minor

Northeastern University 2018: M.S. in Applied Mathematics

Conference papers and abstracts:

Benneyan JC, Garrahan J, Ilies I, Duan X. Modeling approaches, challenges and preliminary results for the opioid and heroin co-epidemic crisis. Proceedings of the 50th Conference on Winter Simulation. Winter Simulation Conference, Las Vegas, NV. December 3-6, 2017.

Garrahan J, Benneyan JC, Ilies I. Preliminary integrated approach to modeling the prescription and illicit opioid epidemic. Informs Annual Conference. Houston, TX. October 22-25, 2017. Abstract.


Stochastic Calculus and Introduction to No-Arbitrage Finance, Dynamical Systems, Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Probability II, Applied Statistics, Quantum Mechanics


Digital Currency Working Group, Northeastern University Department of Mathematics

Northeastern Graduate Student Council

Girls Angle mentorship program for young women in Mathematics